Tips on using Excel for Mac


1.Getting a new paragraph in Excel (MAC)…

… without being forcefully sent to the next cell

<CTRL> + <ALT> + <ENTER> 


2. Freezing panes in Excel for Mac (2011)


Extracting music from YouTube

You need an audio-visual document to use for the purposes of teaching a language or any piece of content. You do however have no access to the Web during class hours, or perhaps the speed of your Internet isn’t fast enough for you to use the material in real-time. Here’s an option you can use to download the clip and use it later for pedagogical purpose : SaveFrom. SaveFrom is not a tool that needs to be downloaded but it is an online site which means that you can have access to it from any computer you want. You need to copy and paste the URL link of the video you want (from YouTube for example) onto the site and click on download.

Now, let’s say that you require only the audio element from a video sharing site like YouTube, but don’t want to download the entire video. Use YouTube Mp3 in this case. Again, you copy and paste the URL link of the video you want onto the site and it instantly converts it for you in the Mp3 format that can be downloaded.

Hope this tip helps you to download material that you can use for teaching.

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Till then, cheerio!