ESL/EFL Listening sites

Check out the list of a few great websites where you can practise your listening skills. You could click on the links to reach the website you wish to visit.


  1. TED

My all-time favourite collection of powerful real-time talks that allow the listener to practise their listening and, why not, reading skills. When you ‘explore the full library‘ you will be able to choose the ‘topics’, ‘languages’, and ‘duration’ of the videos you wish you watch. The chosen video can be downloaded for future use and the interactive transcript feature can be very useful for both students and teachers alike.


BBC Learning English has tons of short videos that introduce vocabulary and expressions targeted for intermediate and advanced learners of the language.

3. BRITISH COUNCIL LISTEN & WATCH: audio, video and reading resources

4. ISLCOLLECTIVE: The “Internet Second Language Collective” is an international community of half a million language teachers sharing self-made language teaching materials. The materials comprise of printable worksheets (doc/docx formats) and powerpoint presentations that can be downloaded and appropriated according to how to want to use them. As a teacher, you could also upload your own teaching tips and ideas and/or resources so that fellow-teachers could benefit from them. The website has sections devoted to different languages, English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Russian.

5. SCIENCE FRIDAY: Listen and watch some pretty amazing videos on and around science

6. ELLLO: English extracts spoken by different speakers from around the world. So this is perfect to practise understanding a variety of different accents.


8. TALK ENGLISH : listening lessons categorised by levels

9. ESL LOUNGE (Student): grammar exercises, vocabulary building, listening exercises and preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE

ESL Lounge (Teachers): access to lesson plans and other teaching materials

10. INFOSQUARES: reading resources for ESL teachers and students

Infosquares (dot) com (listening): movie-based trailers as video resources for ESL teachers and students



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