Speech to Text recognition tool

I’ve found this great little dictation tool that works on Google Chrome which permits speech to text recognition. Normally, we find tools that allow us to do the contrary pretty easily, i.e. text to speech is simple and most computers today have an in-built tool all ready for use.

The problem starts when you need it the other way around. Say for instance if find a document online or a scanned copy of something that you need to appropriate in some way on a Word document.

The tool-app is simply called “Dictation-Online Speech Recognition“. You open this little tool/app on Google Chrome, click on “Start dictation” and read out your text in as monotonous a voice as you possibly can and the tool writes it out for you. Once done, you simply click on “Stop listening”, then COPY the entire text and PASTE it to wherever you want to use it.

What’s more, it works for tons of European languages, be it French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian……. You could also download it as an app for offline use.

There are a couple of flip sides to it though:

  1. It works only on Google Chrome, so make sure you have it downloaded or do so here
  2. It doesn’t seem to want to punctuate sentences. So after you copy-paste, you will absolutely need to proof-read to make sure you get what you want.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.11.24 pm