Here are six things to keep in mind if you’re contemplating taking the test:

1. Not just language skills…

TOEIC doesn’t just evaluate your language skills, but also tests your levels of concentration and endurance! Yes, it may be a trifle simpler than the TOEFL, but demands a very high level of engagement with the exam. The two hours you spend in your exam hall (three, including the administrative work!) will easily be the most tiring hours of your day. So be prepared!

2. Practise

Whether you think you’re ‘poor’ or ‘great’ in English, it won’t matter! You will need to practise and very hard! Use the free online resources at your disposal (list here) and you may consider buying a book (list here)

3. Time yourself

… and especially for the reading component. Yes, you may be quick and you may be good, but if you don’t time yourself, you may get lost in the myriad of text passages you have to read and before you know it… poof! Time’s up!

4. Answer every question 

I just fail to understand candidates who are obstinate enough to ‘leave’ questions unanswered. You won’t get a reward for claiming your ignorance, but you just might get a correct answer if you’ve guessed right! There is no negative marking, so you can guess the answer if you aren’t sure. Who knows, right!

5. Two year validity

For the time being (2015), the test is valid for a period of two years. So think carefully before you decide to take it. Don’t just take it for the heck of it and definitely don’t if you aren’t ready for it!

6. Read up on the test requirements before you enter the hall

Please, please, please read up on what you need to carry with you on the day of your exam.

NO, you can’t use a pen, you will need a pencil!

NO, you can’t carry rough paper in with you!

NO, you can’t enter unless you have proper identification proof, and no, your international student ID doesn’t count for one!

Good luck! 


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