Book resources for practice

There are tons and tons of books that prepare you for the TOEIC. Here are a few I’ve taken a look at. They have been numbered in no particular order:

1. Barron’s TOEIC

Barron’s TOEIC is considered to be “the leader in test preparation”!

Whaaaa, really?!

Well yes, it is THE textbook that an English language library ought to have. The updated edition of this preparation manual includes an MP3 CD. The book itself contains four practice tests, a variety of topics and vocabulary, test questions answered and explained and tons of listening and reading practice.

2. Nouveau TOEIC, La Méthode Réussite, Nathan

This is the one I’m currently using and I must say, from a teachers’ point of view, it is very, very good indeed, and no, I’m not paid to say it!

It’s got 4 audio CDs  of voices that take into account the variety of accents heard at the exam. It’s got three full-fledged practice tests and loads of exercises that take you through the various parts of the listening and reading components. It got the scripts and the corrections at the end of the book like any good test preparation manual should but what I like the most about it is the “tips” it offers before each section of the test. It suggests an efficient working method which is more or less compatible with what students should do to prepare themselves.

3. Pass the TOEIC test, Harrap’s

This one, like the others, gives you loads of grammar and vocabulary practice to give you enough confidence in yourself. It’s got two full tests and a number of tips throughout the book that should help you improve your performance.

4. Vocabulaire et grammaire pour le TOEIC, by Lin Lougheed and Sylvie Hadman

As the name suggests, if you need help improving your vocabulary and grammar, this is the book to get. Lin Lougheed is also the official author of Barron’s TOEIC, so that is useful to know

There are of course tons of other books to choose from. If you know of any one of particular interest, do leave a comment below.


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