“Le Robert & Nathan anglais grammaire”

This is a book recommended by university specialists who teach translation and applied linguistics in English.

The blurb at the back of the book reads “La grammaire de référence indispensable !” and I couldn’t agree more! The book is designed for the French and written almost exclusively in French, barring the words and expressions mentioned in English. The book is divided into three major sections: Grammaire Fondamentale, Dictionnaire Grammatical and the Annexes. The first section on fundamental grammar reviews every grammatical aspect that a student is expected to know in English. It defines and describes the aspects, throws light on its various nuances, and follows every sentence in English by its appropriate translation in French. A few sentences are proposed at the end of every sub-section to be translated and the answers are given at the end of the book (annexes).

The second section or the grammatical dictionary presents a list of difficulties in the English language that are then explained, again, complete with their nuances.

The annexes provide the key to the sentences meant to be translated but also a list of irregular verbs that must be studied by a student of the English language.

I would certainly recommend this book for serious French students who wish to improve their grammatical base in English and study translation.


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