“Harrap’s Grammaire Anglaise”

I love this black book for its wonderful colours and illustrations that make me want to open it and read it. While “Le Robert & Nathan anglais grammaire” is a must-have for serious students studying English grammar (read my book review here), Harrap’s grammaire anglaise would appeal to students who aren’t too interested in the nuances of the language, but who are happy with having all the grammar in one book they could carry around with them.

It seems to have it all, be it articles, nouns, the genitive, adjectives, voice, modals, speech etc etc. Each grammatical rule is explained quite lucidly with relevant examples in English, translated into French. There are sections on pronunciation, spellings, irregular verbs. I would use it as a teacher with young students studying the English language at the lower levels. I might even use certain sections as reminders for grammatical rules. The exercises however are quite basic in nature and don’t really go beyond the letter of the rule. So I don’t think I would use those with advanced-level students or with adults.

I feel this book would be an excellent compromise between a serious “Le Robert & Nathan” and a flaky English textbook that doesn’t go beyond the comprehension of basic passages. For you to decide!


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